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Developing a standards and automated production for Sentinel-2 Analysis ready Data - SD1707

The project will research and deliver a process for automatically transforming Sentinel 2 data so that it is ready for use across multiple [EODIP/Defra] applications within the UK, and is delivered in a format that allows incorporation in high performance analysis facilities such as data cubes. The project will deliver Sentinel 2 analysis ready data as an open dataset; deliver the data free of charge for all relevant UK coverage up to end of March 2017; will stimulate the development of a community for testing and revising the standard and look at its use outside the UK.
The objectives of this work are to:
• To establish common pre-processing requirements for Sentinel 2 data that will support a significant percentage of land surface classification and change detection applications based on experience with other optical sensors, Defra EOCoE EODIP experience so far, and emerging Sentinel 2 applications more widely.
• Develop a ‘version 1’ standard processing chain including keys steps such as terrain correction at scales that match the accuracy of the data, and bottom of atmosphere correction. Implement the processing chain making any necessary alterations to open source software and test its reliability, performance and consistency across acquisitions.
• Ensure the version 1 standard is designed to so that it facilitates analysis across multiple optical sensors likely to be used in UK applications (eg: Landsat)
• Facilitate via workshops and other means, the development of a UK community of Sentinel 2 users interested in gaining the benefits from Sentinel 2 data available in analysis ready form, and engage them throughout the project so they can input to the standards proposed, take an active role in testing, and help provide use cases of the benefits within each sector.
• Implement the processing chain within an appropriate high performance computing facility (CEMS) so that automatically obtains Sentinel 2 data and delivers a resource of Sentinel 2 analysis ready data for the UK, from its first operational acquisition to the end of March 2017
• Provide means for the community to test and use the analysis ready data, taking into account the user access requirements established by the Defra EOCoE (download optimised for most current end user networks, API, WMS, and online processing)
• Engage key stakeholders and communicate the objectives, progress, and lessons learnt from the project so that the work can be aligned with initiatives aiming to improve access to Sentinel and other satellite data for UK users. (UK Space Agency, collaborative ground segment group, cross Whitehall EO group and GEOS)
• Deliver estimates and recommendations of resources needed for long-term provision of Sentinel-2 data, including storage and maintenance costs, processing capabilities, and accessibility.
developed in a fit for purpose way.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : SD1707 Final report   (2629k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2016

To: 2017

Contractor / Funded Organisations
Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd