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English Inshore Fisheries – an Evidence Review - MF1240

This research project aims to produce an Evidence Review of the English Inshore Fisheries sector (n.b. the definition of ‘inshore’ can be problematic, however this piece of work will define this primarily by vessel size, focusing on under 10m vessels, rather than characteristics or area of fishing operations).

The project will undertake a quick scoping review of the availability, relevancy and robustness of evidence required to support informed, evidence-based and transparent inshore fisheries management decision-making and policy development. In particular this will focus on evidence in relation to three key areas of inshore fisheries: i) stock biology / status of commercial stocks; ii) fishing gear environmental impact; iii) social and economic impacts.

This will seek to review a diverse range of possible data sources beginning with a review of the routine fishery monitoring data, which may be collected by a range different agencies or authorities. The review will then extend into other possible sources of relevant evidence such as data collected by other non-governmental organizations, peer reviewed evidence, grey literature and unpublished evidence. The work will seek to catalogue and signpost all sources of evidence, highlighting in the record the key characteristics of the evidence. Finally the research will conclude on the over-all adequacy of the available information, highlighting any gaps in the evidence base to support policy making in relation to English Inshore Fisheries .
The objectives of this project are:

- To scope sources of key information relevant to English Inshore Fisheries policy development.
- To quickly review the relevancy and robustness of available information.
- To identify key gaps in data requiring future research / monitoring.
- To present a brief synthesis of some of the key data.
- To present findings to enable policy makers to more quickly access relevant information
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2015

To: 2016

Cost: £12,538
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Acoura Consulting Ltd.
Fields of Study
Freshwater Fisheries