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Research to produce look-up tables of marginal ecosystem values for initial appraisal within cost-benefit analysis - BE0111

In order to increase the practical use of environmental valuation in Government appraisals, this project will produce a suite of unit / marginal values for non-market environmental impacts with accompanying guidance, drawing on the best of recent literature. These “entry-level” values will make it much easier for non-specialist Government economists to make an initial assessment of potential environmental costs and benefits in social cost-benefit analysis, following HM Treasury Green Book principles. Subject to subsequent review and approval, these “look-up” tables of unit values will be incorporated by Defra in Supplementary Green Book Guidance on valuing environmental impacts.
Project Documents
• OTH - Other : Environmental Value Look-Up (EVL) Tool   (1405k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : Discussion Paper: Ecosystem Accounting   (683k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : Discussion Paper: Valuing Biodiversity   (1257k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : EVL tool User Guide   (1032k)
• TRP - Technical Report : Technical Report EVL tool   (905k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2015

To: 2015

Cost: £55,325
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Economics For The Environment Consultancy Ltd (EFTEC)
Economic Research