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Environment - Competitiveness links - EV02005

An analysis of the literature to develop further understanding of the links between improved business environmental performance and competitiveness.

An existing study has shown that an estimated £7 billion of savings could be made in the economy as a whole through improving resource efficiency. There is also further evidence, including work by OECD and the Wuppertal Institute, pointing to links between resource efficiency and competitiveness. Initial scoping would be required to define the terms “environmental performance” and “competitiveness” in this context.

The review should address the following key questions:
· How robust is the evidence to show that improving a company’s environmental performance affects its business/economic performance either positively or negatively? Please note that we are not looking for case studies of individual companies.
· Are these effects direct impacts e.g. improved environmental performance results in greater resource efficiencies and hence cost savings which are reflected in the company’s bottom line, or indirect impacts e.g. good environmental performance is a sign of a well managed business and hence it is more economically successful.
· How do increases in productivity resulting from environmental measures rank against other improvements in productivity that business could make, and what are the Government policies promoting these other improvements?
· What aspects of environmental performance can be shown to have the greatest impacts on business performance?
Project Documents
• Final Report : SCP005 Final Report   (521k)
• Other : SCP005 External Review Statement   (138k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £28,100
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Metroeconomica Ltd (UK)
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Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production